About Us

All about Lipids, that is LUCA AICell.

The logo of LUCA Aicell was inspired by the Lipid shape..
LUCA AICell uses Lipid technology to destroy cell membranes of viruses,
to deliver drugs to the targeted organs safely.
or to create bilayer coating for preventing contaminants being absorbed into the human body.

Cells of all living creatures are protected by cell membranes,
Cell membranes are made up of thousands of different types of phospholipids.
Through cell membranes, cells block contaminants,
and also absorb beneficial substances and moves substances.

LUCA AICell makes these cell membranes into various shapes and
has technology to destroy cell membranes with specific conditions.

LUCA AICell is a bioplatforms company which has been developing
broad spectrum antiviral treatment, drug delivery system, diagnostic/preventive
medical devices using nano-based Lipid technologies.

Through material innovation, we will contribute to the improvement of human health
and welfare by leading the world in the most technology-intensive, highly utilized
and high value-added technology application field in the bio industry.

High Added Value

Raw Materials

Fatty Acid

Functional Molecules


Nucleic Acids


Nano Structures

Solid Nanoparticle

Biotechnology Applications


Drug Screening
Smart Health Care
Gene Delivery

Seung Hee Ahn

Founder, CEO

Seung Hee Ahn, CEO of LUCA AICell, is an expert in the ICT field.
When he was working at POSCO ICT, he had discovered/incubated new businesses
in various fields such as IPTV business in the Americas, Cloud Computing, ICS security,
robot platform, DOF (Digital Oil Field), and electric vehicle charging business.
In the future, he plans to lead the ‘IBT (IT + BT)’ smart healthcare business
that combines IT and BT by utilizing ICT technologies such as AI, Big data, and cloud.

LUCA Research Institute at Anyang

Anyang Headquarters
Commercialization research
Product development

LUCA Research Institute at NTU

NTU Singapore (Research Collaboration Agreement)
Fundamental lipid nano-assembly technologies research
(LNPs, Antiviral peptides, etc)
Prototype development

Domestic Research Institutes

SNU Hospital, CHA Biotech, UNIST, Hongik Univ
Joint research of Lipid technologies

Global Research Institutes

Stanford, Harvard, UCLA (United States),
Utrecht, Twente(Netherlands),
Ghent(Belgium), ONOM(Mongol), UFMG(Brazil)
Joint research of Lipid technologies
Clinical trials


  • 11(Nov) – ISO Certified(medical device)
  • 09(Sep) – GMP Certified(medical device)
  • 08(Aug) – Funded by KDB(Korea development bank)
  • 07(Jul) – Funded by National Institutes of Health
  • 01(Jan) – Medical device manufacturing license


  • 12(DEC) – GMP(IVD) Certified
  • 10(OCT) – CE(IVD) Certified
    10(OCT) – LUCA Health merged LUCA AICell and it changed its name to LUCA AICell
  • 09(SEP) – NTU Singapore Research Collaboration Agreement
  • 05(MAY) – ISO13485(Medical Device) certified
  • 03(MAR) – IVD Manufacturing license
    03(MAR) – Established Research Lab in Anyang
    03(MAR) – GMP facilities complete & relocation to Anyang
  • 02(FEB) – Venture company certified


  • 12(DEC) – Established LUCA AICell, Inc
  • 10(OCT) – Established LUCA Health, Inc