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Drug Delivery System


  • LNP (Lipid Nano Particle), the most well-known form, is also referred to as artificial cells or liposomes depending on the field, and it is commonly used as a drug delivery system.
  • LUCA AICell is conducting research to create LNP with more precise and uniform sizes.

Manufacturing uniform LNPs of various sizes

In addition to conventional methods that utilize structural and fluid dynamics principles
such as microfluidics and extrusion, LUCA AICell has its unique approach based on
thermodynamic principles to manufacture LNPs.
This allows for more sophisticated control tailored to specific projects.

Diverse LNP Libraries based on the seven engineering variables

[Simulation based on a database accumulated from research conducted since in 2007]

  • By taking into account diverse factors such as size, charge, and pH, as well as
    manipulating engineering variables based on lipid properties, we can effectively
    transport desired medications to specific cells with stability.
  • All LNP research conducted at LUCA AICell is documented and managed in a database.

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