Creator of Lipid Assembly For DDS

Drug Delivery System

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  • DDS (Drug Delivery System) LNP (Lipid Nano Particle)

Creator of Lipid Assembly For DDS

LUCA AICell develops LNP as a Drug Delivery System(DDS) suitable for the partner’s API
and accompanies the partner’s new drug development journey.

LUCA AICell will become a reliable partner for pharmaceutical companies experiencing difficulties in the process of new drug development.

  • In case a candidate substance is found, but it is difficult to deliver the substance to the target cell
  • In case the candidate material is unstable and you want to stably deliver it during transportation and in the human body
  • In case the candidate substance is highly toxic and has a large side effect, it should work only in the target cell
  • In case of developing a generic drug with higher efficiency and cheaper method of an existing drug