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Lipid Coating

Structural Shape of Bicelle

Bicelle refers to a layered disk-like structure, resembling a pancake, in a two-dimensional arrangement of LNP. To create this structure, different types of long-chain and short-chain lipids are utilized.

Bicelle Coating

Due to the pancake-like, two-dimensional layered disk structure of Bicelles, it is advantageous for coating a plane surface compared to spherical-shaped LNPs.
When Bicelle-shaped LNPs come into contact with a surface,
they fuse together to form a coating.

Mechanism of Solvent Assisted Lipid Bilayer (SALB)

SALB, an abbreviation for Solvent Assisted Lipid Bilayer, is a technique used to create a flat lipid bilayer structure, similar to a floor. Lipids that were dissolved in an organic solvent become coated on the surface when they encounter a aqueous solution.

Through LUCA AICell’s SALB technology, coating can be achieved easily and rapidly, allowing for the fabrication of various lipid combinations on different surfaces.

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